EUROPALINK is proud to present SpeedBOX a completely made in Italy machine, unique in the whole market with unquestionable quality designed for cellophane wrapping boxes, UNIVERSAL and Professional, easy and simple perfect to wrap Perfumes Cosmetics Medicines Gadgets Food Candles Soaps Sweets Games and any other type of box or packaging with Cellophan bendings and typical sealing of cigarettes or perfume" (not to be confused with the shrink-wrapping system of books and magazines). Ideal for all those into small to medium run, artisan runs, where a very expensive industrial machine is not required and the beautifull packaging with a cellophane fold typical of perfumes is appreciated.

SpeedBOX wrapping machines are devices for everyone want to create splendid packages, you can operate simply and quickly by wrapping any box with a result identical if not better, than very expensive industrial machines. Don't be afraid of manual dexterity, with a little practice, thanks to the continuous roller reels you will be able to cut the film and make precise seals of any size, without any waste or waste. Furthermore, with the Sealing Point module you can give an extra touch of elegance to your packaging by sealing the side folds with the typical sealing point of high-end perfumes and by simply changing the reel you can package a different format.


We offer 2 versions the SpeedBOX-35 e SpeedBOX-50 (wide) capable of handling reels up to 35cm wide or up to 50cm, they are completely manual machines, but by acquiring a quite good level of operation you will be able to quickly package up to 150 boxes/hour based on the size and manageability of your Box. Now with SpeedBOX every craftsman will be able to cellophane any packaging at home or restore old ones, reducing enormously costs and avoiding the embarrassing use of logistics to commission services to third parties. SpeedBOX is a robust machine, it uses the same industrial coils in 77mm flange, thermal blade cutting, it has an electronic display for regulating and controlling the temperature of the sealing panel, it incorporates an innovative clutch system to regulate the driving tension of cellophane and with a double roller system it allows the film to be dragged without waves and extremely annoying returns during processing.


DVD/BLURAY BOX & JEWELL CASE CD WRAPPING: SpeedBOX is also designed for Bluray DVDs and audio CDs producers, for thoose who need to create professional packaging at low cost, you can wrap everything with a single machine by simply replacing the reel that we always have in stock 145mm - 190mm - 215mm. No other accessoryes are needed for DISCS oiverwrapping.



Can drive Bobines till 35cm width


SpeedBOX-50 (wide)

Can drive Bobines till 50cm width







  • SEALING POINT MODULE (AN): you will give more elegance to your packages by joining the lateral cellophane folds in a single or double sealing point as in high-level cosmetics. Effective and robust, it includes a universal stand to anchor the module as best as possible from which it can easily be detached.
  • It can manage 2 tips, one ovalized (2x1cm) or circular (optional d.1.5cm)
  • SEALING POINT MODULE PRO-DIG: Similar to the previous one but completely digitally controlled to allow the professional operator to regulate the temperature with high precision. Useful when maximum precision is required for difficult seals, on multiple thicknesses or delicate with thin films. It will be fixed aside SpeedBOX
  • CUTTING OPTION : is perfect for variavle packaging when you have always different size of boxes, it allows you to trim the excess cellophane from the mounted reel by dragging it, adapting it to the desired width, excellent for sampling, restoring boxes, small runs. NOTE for larger runs we always recommend using a reel suitable for your boxes due to the raject part management slowing down operations
  • STRIP DISPENSER : This module allows you to insert a PVC tear strip into the cellophane wrapping process, allowing end user for quick and easy opening, typical of packages of sweets, chocolates, cigarettes, etc. Tapes available in 2.5mm Gold/Bronze, Red, Transparent.


  • EXTRA BOBINE MOUNTING BARR SET: allows for easy and quick bobines replacement, especially useful when using large and heavy Bobines, you can leave the bar anchored to the reel and proceed with the replacement much more easily.
CONSUMABLES - EUROPALINK always follows you for all your future needs, we keep in stock many COEX-BOPP 30my coils sizes, the most used cellophane in the cosmetic/pharmaceutical field, perfect for most uses, we manage to satisfy 80% of customers with prompt delivery! And, when not in stock, you can still reserve your custom spools for the next cut which we do regularly. Contact us for your needs providing us your box measurements (Base Height Depth) we will calculate the perfect bobines for you.


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